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Gale from hunger games


Posted on 2010.10.27 at 00:52
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Okay so after doing research I found that I want to Nanowrimo this November. I saw a post by bookworm84 and looked into it. So thanks to her I have decided to do this. Since I decided to take a break from school I need something to do. I have already some ideas in my head that I have wanted to do in awhile. Well there has been a couple. I guess I need to write out which ones I like and to along with the best to write.

My only problem is that my laptop is still out until I come up with 200 dollars to fix it. So I guess starting this out I have to start it out on my iPhone until my laptop gets fixed if I can fix it before the end of November. I have a friend who's computer I could use at anytime too. Just need to find my flash drive. I'm really looking forward to doing this. I'm so nervous too.


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Troix Debut Issue... Featuring Jackson Rathbone!!!

Posted on 2010.10.05 at 02:42
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Troix Debut Issue......

Of course the photo is from troixmagazine.com. I however was able go get it from Jackson-Rathbone.com. Credit goes to these two.

First I didn't even know this was a web magazine tried to buy it today. Anyways I can't get flash on my iPhone. Pain in my ass too with my laptop being crashed at the moment. So I found a good souce through dailyrathbone that I can see the article. Jackson Rathbone is by far my favorite actor and musician. Plus he so beautiful and talented. His voice is amazing and his fingers can sure play a piano and guitar (his Annabel) as among other instruments. I will post all the scans later on.

Fashion cuffs

Constant Worry...

Posted on 2010.09.18 at 22:51
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I feel like I can't get my mind to stop running. I'm just worrying about everything. "is this person annoyed, annoyed, or mad at me, did I do this" or "will this work out, does this person not want to do this anymore, and does this person still like me" and so much more going on through my damn mind.

You may think wow what is wrong with her. But the case is I deal with General Anxiety Disorder. I hate it and there is so much more then what I put on here because I too ashamed to. I had a panic attack last week but it had been awhile since I had one. I'm finally able to open up about this because I have no money for medicine or therapy. I can't deal with this any longer. I push people away because of. Most people are not annoyed or upset with me but instant asking makes them become that.

It feels good to write this......

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Alaric I dont care

Vampire Dairies Season One DVD!!!!

Posted on 2010.09.01 at 02:46
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So I don't have a lot of money right now and I really wanted to see the entire series of vampire Diaries before the premire a week from tomorrow. I only really watched the last part of the season. I want to get caught up before the new episodes start. I still love Alaric to death but I have to say that Damon is another eye catcher for me. I think I like the bad boy image. I will post my thoughts of the entire season 1 when I'm done. I just love the yellow in this picture....
Season Two Promo Pics of Alaric and Damon......Collapse )

Gale from hunger games

Finally I got Internet on my LAPTOP!!!

Posted on 2010.08.26 at 00:22
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Latley I have been only able to get internt through my iPhone, which was both okay but a pain at times. I looked into getting another wireless internet card because I canceled my old one when it broke. But knowing the cost I decided to look into tethering my 3GS iPhone. With the internet plan I already had which I was paying 30 dollars for unlimted, I changed it to a 45 dollar a month plan which I get 2G for both my tethering and my iphone. Each 1G over that your charged $10. I will most likley use 4G a month so I will pay $65 a month which is much cheeper then getting a wireless card because that would of been $60 plus $30 for my internet plan on my iPhone making it $25 dollars more a month. Its very fast tethering with my phone and I can use wifi when its available. Plus I can still send and recive text, not sure about calls though I think as long as I'm not loading on my computer I can. I feel very good about the choice I made and I have internet on my laptop again, Yay!!!!!!!!! To celebrate having internet on my laptop again I made a set on polyvore, which I wasn't able to do anything with my sets on my phone..... I just love the color purple right now, and I love the flower headbands. I'm still in a phase of torn up jeans. Another fall favirote of mine is ankle boots that have wierd cut offs or tie and ribbons. Plus tall skinny heals. They can be worn with so many things like jeans or tights and a cute pair of shorts, or even a mini...... Purple Rain In London!!!!!!
Purple Rain In London

Purple Rain In London by Newyork_girl7 featuring ankle boots


Jasper Whitlock....

Posted on 2010.08.10 at 02:28
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Jasper Whitlock (Hale) is the best and most amazing fictional character out there..... I picked out some fashion sets around my solider Jasper.....

Jasper Whitlock (Hale) in Eclipse

Photo still from Eclipse

My Jasper (sorry Alice)....Collapse )

Golden kiss

Date with Alaric Saltzman....

Posted on 2010.08.10 at 00:58
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Yes, let's first start with the fact that yes I have no life lol. Let's also know that this is fun doing this so I really don't care....

My madness.....Collapse )

Gale from hunger games

Tonight's Vampire Diaries (Isobel)

Posted on 2010.05.07 at 03:54
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Tonight's Vampire Diaries was really good. Something did upset me a little though. I did like how much Alaric was in it. His emotions were just so hot to me. More under the cut.

Will contain spoilers....Collapse )

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Torn jeans

Alaric Saltzman

Posted on 2010.05.06 at 03:52
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Alaric Saltzman in Vampire Diaries; played by Matt Davis who is so hot.

Alaric Saltzman...Collapse )

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Gale from hunger games

Fashion Sets!!!

Posted on 2010.05.06 at 00:30
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I found some new fashion sets on polyvore. Neither was made by me, I just love the colors on the first one the greens are so pretty. It just makes me want to plant flowers and lay in a garden and dream. The second one is a style I like right now and that's my favirote style the boyfriend look, for summer to wearing a thin button down with boyfriend jeans rolled up. Topping it off with some cute flip flop sandels and a cute thin summer clutch.

Chinese Zodiac Sign (MONKEY)
Chinese Zodiac Sign (MONKEY) by ·•●devilgirl●•· Bday 9th May!!!! featuring MICHAEL Michael Kors bags

Summer Style
Rendezvousing on the Sand
Rendezvousing on the Sand by a violent delight featuring Givenchy shoes

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